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Find anything faster faster faster

With our app, you can easily find any place, no matter where you are or what you’re looking for. With our app, you’ll never have to wander around aimlessly or ask for directions again. So download our app today and start exploring the world around you with ease!

01 Create a profile

Simply create your business profile and add important information. 

02 Entarance

Map each entrance to simplify your visitor’s route.

03 Details

Add sensitive information for each room in your unit.

Choose your profile​!

Profile is a way to store all the important information about
your business. It allows you to share it with your employees,
guests and customers by giving you the opportynity
to define their access levels.
*Great for small businesses

Our app is a powerful tool that can help small businesses to improve their customer journey, increase productivity and grow their customer base.

*Perfect for large sites

Our app is designed to efficiently guide all visitors and optimize navigation in large sites, providing a seamless user experience.


Never get lost again!

Discover all the features of our navigation app, including video/audio guides, sharable QRs and offline maps.

Precise locations​

Improve your customers experience by quickly simplifying their way to
your business.

Accessible business​​

Make your business open for everyone, by simply adding all the important information to your profile.

Vertical mapping​

With There you can map everything: the correct entrance, room, window and even socket!

Safe & secure​

Securely share sensitive information with your customers and guests in one tap.

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Why to verify profile?

Verifying your profile is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to establish credibility and trust with other users. By verifying your profile, you will be able to access exclusive content or participate in special events or promotions.

Our Clients

The # 1 mapping software for you business


“This app is a lifesaver! I used to get lost all the time in my office building, but now with this app, I can navigate through it with ease. The indoor maps are incredibly accurate and make finding your way around a breeze! This app has saved me so much time and frustration – I don’t know how I ever lived without it!”


“As someone who travels frequently for work and often finds themselves in unfamiliar buildings, this app has been a game-changer. The indoor navigation feature is incredibly helpful and makes finding conference rooms or offices a breeze. Plus, the search function is super intuitive and helps you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly.”


“I was skeptical at first about how well an app could help me navigate inside buildings, but this one exceeded my expectations! It’s easy to use, has detailed maps of all the major buildings in my area, and even shows you where the nearest bathrooms and elevators are located. Highly recommend! “



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