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there for businesses

Help customers find your business, faster with There Premium. Take control of events and arrivals to the next level

Securely coordinate
Private events

Send inivites and get replies in
seconds, not days, for only the
guests you want

No signal? No problem

Enable users to download your profiles in
our app so they can be followed even when
there is no signal

Create profiles for places sublocations / offices & rooms

Create profiles and addresses for rooms
or offices within a building or places on a site.

List & locate assets, and
get service updates

Make assets easier to find plus assign
contractors or staff to provide services
updates through the app

Guiding staff, contractors or clients to the discreet locations

Invite users or guests to view private profile information not listed in public directories

Copy key profile info into
your printable docs

Copy key profile info & QR codes into letters,
tickets, or invites, so non-app users can
benefit from our technology

Help your disabled visitors
find their way

Disabled parking locations & entrances can be located as standard, plus attach audio & video guidance to profile last steps

The virtual concierge that
helps coordinate arrivals

The arrivals board for every profile allows users
to track journeys & coordinate arrivals in

The easy way to boost
local orders & foot flow

Verify your business profile and appear higher in local searches based on proximity and ratings. not advertising spend or SEO rankings

Unlimited admins

Invite other users to manage profiles.

Advert free Experiences

Give customers access to your advert free profiles

System Integration

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Our Clients

The # 1 mapping software for you business


“This app is a lifesaver! I used to get lost all the time in my office building, but now with this app, I can navigate through it with ease. The indoor maps are incredibly accurate and make finding your way around a breeze! This app has saved me so much time and frustration – I don’t know how I ever lived without it!”


“As someone who travels frequently for work and often finds themselves in unfamiliar buildings, this app has been a game-changer. The indoor navigation feature is incredibly helpful and makes finding conference rooms or offices a breeze. Plus, the search function is super intuitive and helps you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly.”


“I was skeptical at first about how well an app could help me navigate inside buildings, but this one exceeded my expectations! It’s easy to use, has detailed maps of all the major buildings in my area, and even shows you where the nearest bathrooms and elevators are located. Highly recommend! “



Bianka Hilton

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